Our Story

Dinadi was officially born April 11, 2016, but the story reaches back much further.


Growing up, we both were taught that our life choices can make a difference in this world. Preston comes from Canada, and is a perfectionist who loves the intricacies business. Mirjam comes from Sweden, and is a people person who is creative and as passionate about knitting as anyone you’ll ever meet. As our stories merged and we have explored the world together, we have become convinced that social entrepreneurship, not handouts, is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities.

Move to Nepal

In 2012, we, together with our 3 beautiful children, moved to Nepal to pursue this conviction. It was in Nepal that we met an amazing woman who has become a close friend. This woman, like many Nepalis, is no stranger to hardship. When sharing with her the idea of starting up a new company, she said something that has become a part of the essence of Dinadi. Speaking of herself and other women like her, she said, “All we want is an opportunity, not a handout, but an opportunity to provide for ourselves.”

Dinadi is formed

These words, together with our passion for creating high quality, beautiful products, were the catalysts for the creation of Dinadi. Our desire is that Dinadi would be a brand that people immediately connect to beautiful, hand crafted, knitted and crocheted products and ethical employment, a company where everyone is given an opportunity.

We see a stark contrast between the many opportunities we’ve been given and the lack of opportunities for many here in Nepal. That’s why Dinadi is about creating opportunities.

Preston and Mirjam Thiessen

Crafting beautiful hand knit and crocheted products while changing lives through dignified jobs


At Dinadi we have 4 values that are the building blocks of our company culture. Each one is an important principle that guides how we interact with each other as we build Dinadi together.

  • Love

    Building an environment where we treat each other with value, respect and dignity.

  • Community

    Living life to it’s fullest as we interact and relate to each other in community.

  • Excellence

    Crafting beautiful products, always learning, and doing all to the best of our abilities.

  • Joy

    Having fun, taking time to celebrate each other and the work we do together.