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Meet our amazing team! At Dinadi, every employee is valuable and celebrated, and we’re so happy to introduce each one to you.
Check out the label on your Dinadi product to find the signature of the employee who has proudly made your piece.


Amita is a friendly, soft-spoken lady who has found a place to belong at Dinadi. She is a wife and mother to a young son. Her work allows her the freedom to be home while helping to support the family. She loves knitting and loves that it can be done within her home and around her loved ones.


Amit Shrestha-Ganeshdeep

As a 12-year-old, Amit’s grandfather encouraged him to learn to knit. And all these years later, he’s never stopped. During Nepal’s COVID-19 lockdown, he knitted sweaters for his friends. His skill and and love for his handicraft brings provision for his family and a personal sense of self-worth.

Amit Shresha

Amrita Mali

Amrita’s home was damaged in the Nepal earthquake of 2015. Knitting has provided income to rebuild the home she shares with her husband and son. She holds her family close, and considers the community of women at Dinadi her second family—a source of support and joy in her life.


Anchal Maya

Anchal Maya is an honest and hardworking caretaker for her five children. Because she works from home, she's able to maximize the time she spends with her kids. Being a self-supporting member of her community is important to her, and as she's doing so, she hopes her kids will grow to be the same.

Anchal Maya


Anu is a vibrant college student studying tourism management.. She is talkative and adventurous. She dreams of continuing her education and then opening a hotel or bakery. Through hard work and financial independence, her knitting is laying the foundation for her dreams to be realized.


Anu Rai-Ganeshdeep


Babita Chhetri Rasaily

Covid-19 has brought change for Babita and her family. Her husband’s job has ended, and so her knitting income has become even more important. Knitting for Dinadi fulfills her desire to be a help to her family and to provide a good future for her two sons.


Bijaya Tamang

Bijaya doesn’t just laugh, she dissolves into laughter leading everyone else to join her. Full of life she is always spreading joy to people around her with her funny stories and big hugs. And she’s an amazing cook!


Bimala Mali

Bimala has only ever worked in the fields. She is a quiet and dedicated wife and mother. The encouragement she receives within the Dinadi community has her dreaming of a time when she can give up fieldwork for knitting full-time, in order to see her house paid off and her daughter educated.


Bimala Shakya

Bimala S. is small, but strong. Her family lost their home and all their possessions in the 2015 earthquake. The financial struggle continues with the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. She finds a sense of value and strength in her work with Dinadi, and wants to pass these along to her daughters.

Bimala S

Binita Shrestha

Binita could be any one of us, her leisure time spent with her daughters, making TikTok videos, and dreaming of owning their own home one day. Knitting for Dinadi has given her a place to prove herself and to work toward those dreams common to women all over the world.


Busy Mali

You recognize Busy by the big smile on her face. She is easy going, inclusive and makes people around her feel comfortable. In the Dinadi community, she shares struggles with others, and finds joy and inspiration there. Someday she'd like to own a beauty parlor.



Charlotte, the Dutch addition to our team, fills many Dutch stereotypes. She's not only super efficient and hardworking but she even comes from a tulip farm. Her creativity and curiosity combined with her quick smile and laugh make her a joy to be around.


Chinu Khatri

Chinu considers the women at Dinadi her second family. Here, she finds support to face her personal health issues. Knitting allows to be a good worker while getting the rest she needs. She aspires to own her own home and become a leader within the Dinadi community.



Like so many others, Chori has faced significant loss due to Covid-19. Strong and hard-working, she feels grateful to knit for Dinadi, as she hopes for a financially secure job for her husband, and a good education for her daughter. And for her? A beautiful kitchen some day!



Eli is one of nine siblings, all sent by their mother to Kathmandu for education. A good home and food is not something she experienced earlier in life. She is glad for the flexibility of her job, so she is able to study. She dreams of becoming a doctor one day.


Durga Devi Luitel-Ganeshdeep

Durga became a widow when her daughter was a year old. Her husband came home from working abroad, and the next day, died in his sleep. Fourteen years later, widowhood has caused her to learn independence and the value of good friends. She works hard to support her daughter and hopes to someday find a good son-in-law.


Durga Maya Pithakothe

Sapana is burdened by a huge loan needing to be paid back. Multiple national lockdowns due to Covid-19 have made things even more difficult financially. But music, Bible study, and the support of her Dinadi family are giving her the encouragement she needs to prove that girls are strong and can overcome!



Elisha is a student who loves to sing and bake cakes. Through her work with Dinadi, she has seen how small steps can lead to growth and success. This has inspired her knitting, her studying, and her dream of opening a business someday.



Esther is a student who enjoys dancing and teaching others to dance. Knitting has given her more than just a job. She has learned that quality work and earning an income are valuable tools for her future.


Ganga Rai

Ganga prides herself on taking care of her family well. She has two teenagers, and loves to cook for and spend time with them. Her husband's health has been a concern, and she feels thankful to be able to earn an income for his treatment and her kids' schooling.


Ishwori Thapa-Ganeshdeep

Ishwori was three years old when her father left her mother. As an adult, she aspires to nothing more than being an honest person and a good daughter, as she and her mom take care of each other. Knitting helps her provide, and someday, she hopes to start a small grocery store.


Jaya Kumari Budha Pun

Jaya dreams of owning gold. In her community, wearing gold jewelry is an important symbol of respect and hard work. She is working hard to ensure health and an education for her son, and because of her knitting, she will soon reward herself with a wearable symbol of all that she's accomplishing.



Jenny is independent and adventurous, but also cherishes the closeness she shares with her mom. Her mom has taught her independence, and her work with Dinadi is helping her practice it. The wisdom she has gained from her mom and her diverse work community are invaluable to her.


Gita Thapa

Geeta’s children are mostly grown but she still spends her days at home caring for her paralyzed husband. As the sole breadwinner and caregiver, the opportunity to work at home has saved her family. She has found within herself boldness and strength as she's met the challenges of life.


Isak Tamang

Ishak is Dinadi's general manager and runs our office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ishak is an inspiration to us all in the way he always approaches life with a smile and a positive attitude. His natural leadership abilities have endeared him to our office staff and knitters alike. Ishak always has time to talk and aways has a few wise words share, usually accompanied with a drawing to illustrate his point.

Isak Tamang

Jog Maya Maharjan

Jog Maya is hardworking and helpful. Her family has recently been able to move out of the post-earthquake shelter in which they’d been staying. She continues to care for her sick husband as she knits and dreams of a good education and good marriages for her son and daughter.


Jyoti Rai

Jyoti R. is hardworking and helpful. She is finishing college and loves arts and crafts. Knitting has given her more than just a job. She has learned that quality work and earning an income are valuable tools for her future—one that she hopes includes opening a fashion boutique.


Kalpana Sinjali Magar

Kalpana is well-liked among her friends and a mother of two young adult sons. As a single mother, she has worked hard to provide for them as they've grown. She is glad to now be knitting with friends and dreaming of financial stability and further education for her sons.


Kamla Kumari Lamichhane Magar

Kamala is a late 40ies cycling enthusiast. She is bold and friendly. She lives with a group of teenage girls for whom she has become like a mother. Her work at Dinadi allows her to continue this way of life and thereby, affect positive change in her community.



Karina is kind-hearted and hard-working. She finds herself between two worlds--splitting her time between Kathmandu and the village where her whole family lives. Her curiosity to learn and never-give-up attitude serve her well as she works, travels, and dreams of her future.


Kedar Bhandari-Ganeshdeep

With a helpful demeanor and constant smile, Kedar works hard to provide for his wife and children—twin daughters and younger son. His main goal in life is providing for his kids and letting them grow in a good way. Dinadi has given him a place to stay and food to serve his family, and his heart is grateful.


Sharmila Rai (kristina)

Kristina is friendly and focused. She lives in a shelter, and finds her home and work community of utmost importance. She hopes to someday have a family of her own, but in the meantime, she enjoys the encouragement and opportunity her work provides.



Liva loves to make people laugh. She enjoys crocheting and has a heart for those around her dealing with poverty. Her work is allowing her to save up for future study to become a social worker.


Lok Maya Somai Soti Magar (liza)

Liza is an outgoing and caring member of Dinadi. She studies management in college and dreams of running a business someday. She has enjoyed learning to knit and making new friends through her work.



Maily is polite and sensitive, but confident. She feels content and connected in her family. Knitting for Dinadi means that she has a family to learn with, and the skills to earn with. She dreams of becoming a principal and opening her own bakery someday.


Maina Kumari Karki

Maina is a hard worker who finds her drive in her family of three. She is recognized by her big smile and generous laugh. Her family used to be completely dependent on her husband's income but now her extra income is allowing Maina to dream and plan for her son's education.


Maina Shrestha-Ganeshdeep



With the closing of their photo studio due to Covid-19, Man Kumari’s family is struggling to make ends meet. She stays busy taking care of her family, as well as knitting. A job with Dinadi allows her to continue pursuing a good education for her son, in the midst of financial hardship.


Manjila BK

Manjila describes herself as funny and easy to be around. Her work provides an enjoyable community of friends with whom she can learn and practice new skills. She dreams of traveling to Paris someday.


Manju R

Manju lives with her mother, her younger brother, and his wife. The stress of finances affects the whole family. Because of her knitting, Manju is able to help provide for the family and plans to finish college.

Manju R.

Manju Tamang

Manju works in the Dinadi office within quality control. She has a quick eye for details and always has good ideas on how to solve issues. Manju is the type of person that everyone feels safe and comfortable with. She is kind, quick to smile and has a witty sense of humour that brings much laughter to our office.



Mariam approaches life with ``awesome stubborness.`` Whether she's studying, working, or knitting, she participates with a never-give-up attitude. She's currently in school, enjoying the possibilities of what her future might look like.



Mingmar is an encourager who desires to share joy with others. She works hard to support herself, living in a hostel with Dinadi friends who are more like family. Knitting allows her to dream of her future, possibly in midwifery or helping in remote areas of Nepal.



Mirjam is the Swedish contribution to the team - always seen with bright red lipstick, the biggest rings she can find, and a set of knitting needles in her hands. Always ready to entertain with a good story or to discuss a knitting project.


Nandu Kumar Shah-Ganeshdeep

Nandu became a dad during Nepal’s COVID-19 lockdown. He is the youngest son in his large family, where struggle is very real after several lockdowns over many recent months. He is friendly and quiet, and works hard to provide a good home for his family and new son.

Nandu Kumar

Narmada Devi Sunuwar

Narmada is a devoted single mother. With her daughter in America, she fills her time cooking and caring for her younger daughter and knitting for Dinadi. She hopes for nothing more than success for both her daughters.



Neelam is a friendly young mother of a little girl. Independence and self-reliance are her priorities. Dinadi is helping her learn - about her work and about taking care of herself and her daughter. This education is giving her the freedom of independence.



Pasang was six years old when her parents sent her from the village to Kathmandu for an education. She has learned independence and determination over the years. Pasang believes her work is meaningful and making it possible to reach her goal of finishing her education.


Pawana Thapa

Pawana is one of those women who immediately cares for and engages in the lives of people around her. She is amazing at getting those around her to open up and to have a good laugh when needed. Outside of work she keeps busy with her teenage son and her huge network of friends.



Pema is a friendly and outgoing college student studying management and tourism. She loves to learn. She is happy that her work involves close-knit community and provision for her college books and bus fare.



When Prama was 17 years old, she and her sister moved away from her farming family and village to study in Kathmandu. Knitting with Dinadi helps them with their education and living expenses. Prama hopes to one day be a teacher.


Pramila Khatri

Pramilla desires to model for her three kids what being an excellent worker looks like, and she does so with energy and exuberance. Taking on more than just housework and laundry has given her a newfound confidence. She has found life--and spreads it as well--in her work at Dinadi.



Preston, the Canadian addition to the team, is the connoisseur in the lot - with a big heart for gadgets and a good BBQ. Known as the ‘hairy man’ by locals he is always helpful, cheerful and on the run to get something done.



Priscilla has an entrepreneurial spirit. She loves to learn and try new things, and wishes to start a tailoring or knitting business of her own some day. She’s just completed college, and is marrying soon. Dinadi has given her the skills and support to step into a bright future.



Priya describes herself as very shy and very honest. There are eleven in her family and she enjoys when they are all together. Her work with Dinadi has given her the opportunity to learn and explore ideas for her future.



Puja is a generous and helpful student. While her family lives outside the city, she stays in a home in Kathmandu to finish her education. She feels supported and encouraged by all she's learned about knitting in the past year, and plans to continue knitting and sewing after finishing school.


Purna Maya Mali

Purna is fearless and hard-working. She stays busy taking care of her family, farming their field, volunteering at her village health post, and knitting. She's looking forward to her hard work paying off: rebuilding their earthquake-torn house and taking care of grandkids!

Purna Maya

Rabina Tamang

Rabina has grown up in a girls home, but is marrying soon. Her work with Dinadi has given her a community of women with whom to grow, a trustworthy source of income, and a hope for her future. She would like to open her own tailoring shop someday.


Rajiv Maharjan

Rajiv has an eye for all things that involves numbers or technical skill and that’s why he’s our accountant. Known to be cheerful, helpful, good at cooking, and has knowledge about pretty much anything.


Raju Kapali-Ganeshdeep

While his wife works in a beauty salon, Raju works equally hard at Dinadi. With his past business experience, he hopes that his work now will be a stepping stone to new business opportunities in the future. His faith and sense of adventure keep him dreaming of success for himself and his family.

Raju Kapali

Rashila Basnet

Rashila loves the home she shares with her mother and sisters. She dreams of health for her family and marriage for herself. At Dinadi, she's found encouragement and empowerment. She's helping to financially support her family and even has a little extra for herself!


Reema Deshar


Renija Magar-Ganeshdeep-v2

One of eight siblings, Renija was born into a farming family in the village. She dropped out of school in grade eight, but she longs for something different for her sisters. She is now in the capital city, knitting hard to provide for her sisters’ education.


Sabina Mali

Sabina M. is courageous and confident. She spends her time cooking and caring for her husband and in-laws with whom she lives. She is knitting toward financial stability for their home, and hopes for further growth in Dinadi and further study toward fashion design.

Sabina M

Sabina Rai 2

Despite an absent husband and a recently-found breast tumor, Sabina is hard-working and motivated. She owns a beauty parlour, and wants to continue to grow in her knitting. She is motivated to own her own home, and to see success for her son and his future family.


Sabina Khatun

Growing up in a messed-up past family situation, Sabina now finds contentment in the closeness of her husband, daughter, and son. She enjoys cooking for them and hopes for a good education for her children. Dinadi is significant to her, as a place she can work, earn, and share her feelings.



Sagun loves the freedom her knitting work provides. The flexibility and fun togetherness are what allow her to enjoy her work. The Dinadi community has become her family.



Despite a lack of family support, and a boyfriend working overseas, Saloni is overcoming these obstacles by learning skills and earning money through her knitting. With Dinadi, she has found an understanding family atmosphere and the ability to dream of one day helping the village from which she came.


Sandip Kumar Pulami


Sanu Devi Shrestha_9288

Sanudevi stays busy with cleaning, cooking, working at the farm and her knitting work. In the midst of financial uncertainty, her knitting provides a stable source of income for her family. She longs for a good education for her children and a home to call their own. Her Dinadi coworkers are like a second family.



Sanjita is a happy, hard-working student. She loves adventure and her friends. She doesn't give up easily and has been eager to learn new skills for her knitting. She is young, and her work is preparing her for facing life's challenges with tenacity and within community.



Sapana is never without lipstick and her big smile. In her knitting group, she is kind-hearted and a natural leader and encourager. Her name means ``dream`` and she enjoys doing so. She dreams of getting married someday and having a good family.


Yog Maya Thapa (sarita)

Sarita learned responsibility early as she was only a teenager when her parents died and she was left to care for her five younger siblings. Today, she cares for here grown son by knitting. She’s saving up money to open her own tea shop.


Sarita Tamang

Sarita Tamang


Sarswati is a shy college student who lives with her older sister. From a difficult family background, they are stepping toward independence. Through her work with Dinadi, Sarswoti's has been inspired to pursue financial independence and a career.



Helpful and honest, Saraswati P. has her hands full taking care of her three sons. While she cleans house and plays with the kids, her husband works abroad to support the family. She’s found the support she needs in her Dinadi family, as she knits to help provide a positive future for her sons.

Saraswati P.

Sarsaswati Kumari Shrestha

Hard-working and confident, Saraswati Kumari enjoys planting, cooking, and listening to music with her well-connected and close-knit family. She wants nothing more than to grow in her knitting with the Dinadi community, and to see a bright future for her kids.


Sharmila Lama-Ganeshdeep copy

During Nepal’s COVID-19 lockdowns, Sharmila’s children were in the village staying with her in-laws, while she and her husband remained in the city, lucky to have jobs and an income. Now that things are normalizing, she and her husband hope to be reunited with their children soon.



Sharan describes herself as a good daughter. She lives with her mom and works hard to take care of her. Sharan recognizes all the ways her mother has sacrificed for her over the years. Along with household and field work, Sharan is using this knitting opportunity as a way to give back to her mother.


Shova Thapa copy

Shova is willing and helpful, and is motivated by fulfilling work and growth within the Dinadi family. She love to read and spend time with her family, and desires financial stability and a good future for her daughter and son.


Shrijeena Magar

Shreejanna loves her family, especially cooking for them! She also spends her time studying public health in college. Working with street children is one of her dreams for the future.


Sirina Karki

Sirina may lack emotional support in her family, but she finds it in her knitting community. There, she feels capable and worthy, and finds hope in the progress of her work. She desires to continue working hard and making money so she can provide for and educate her daughters.



Sita is a responsible, supportive wife and mother. She loves family time and walks together. She dreams of seeing her children be educated and being with her husband until they die. Providing for their family can now be teamwork as she has the opportunity to knit, and she feels grateful for it.



Sonam is from a remote mountain village, but is studying public health in Kathmandu. She one day wants to return to her home and the experience she's gaining in her work and her studies is helping her grow into a future leader who can help usher positive change into Nepali society.


Sunita Tamang

Sunita is a young mom with a little daughter. She has never gone to school, but her knitting allows her to dream of an education for her daughter. Although her past has been difficult, the community around her and the income she's earning give her hope that her daughter's life will be different.


Sunita Tandukar

In a difficult marriage, Sunita’s sole desire is to ensure a successful future for her son. He is grown and wants to study further, but money is tight. So Sunita knits with her hands and hopes with her heart, thankful for a place to grow her skills and work for the future.


Sunita Thapa Magar

As the sole breadwinner in her family, Sunita feels the weight of a big loan and sole financial responsibility for her family. Her knitting gives her hope and a sense of purpose, as she works toward success with the support of her relatives and the Dinadi community.

Sunita T. M.


Sushmita comes from a single-parent home and her hero is her hard-working mother. Her knitting has helped her learn the value of hard work and belief in herself. She studies journalism and is proud that the products she makes carry love and hard work wherever they end up!



Tulasa describes herself as faithful and hardworking. Recently, she was left with the task of raising her two children alone, when her husband died in a motorcycle crash. Life is hard, but knitting is helping. She's learning skills to support her family and face the future.



When Uma's father died, and mother deserted, she and her three siblings were left on their own. Now she wants nothing more than to be able to take care of herself and her brothers, and for her older sister to get married. Knitting is bringing independence, and the hope for stability as a family.



Zoya is curious and talkative. She is a friendly college student who enjoys learning. Her family includes three siblings and a single mother. Her knitting with Dinadi has been an invaluable resource to help support her family and her studies.