People impact

We exist for the jobs we can provide. Those jobs, though, would be meaningless if they weren’t “good” jobs that are both fair and empowering. Therefore we invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that our employees are treated with dignity and fairly compensated for the work they do.

Living Wages

We believe in paying living wages which means we pay at least twice what most knit/crochet companies in Nepal pay.


An education will go a long way to ensuring a bright future for our employees’. We pay up to 90% of school tuitions.

Flexible Work

We offer our employees the opportunity to work from home and the freedom to set their own work hours.

Social Worker


We have a full-time social worker, whose job is to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of each of our employees.

Skills Training

Ruler & Pen

We do all the knit and crochet training ourselves in house, free of charge. We employ our own full-time professional trainer.

Life Skills Training

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Along with skills training, we offer training in life skills, including parenting, budgeting, community health, etc.

Retirement Savings

20% of employee salaries are put aside for retirement savings. Of this, 10% comes from the employee and 10% is matched by Dinadi.

Health Benefits

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We cover basic health care needs for our employees and maintain a fund that can be accessed when medical emergencies occur.

Profit Sharing

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A portion of yearly profits is set aside and shared amongst all the employees. A profitable business is a sustainable one!