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Product care

Proper care prolongs the life of your product and promotes sustainability.

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Repair before replacing

Mend what you can is simple sustainability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

Mending thread Dinadi

Mending thread

We send a strand of yarn with every product that can be used if a product were to snag or tear. We’re available if you need any help.

Self cleaning products

Practically self-cleaning

One of the great qualities of wool is that it repels dirt and requires fewer washes which is easy and great for the environment. Air out your product instead when needed. Learn more about the benefits of merino wool here

Dinadi plling care

Remove Pilling

Woolen products will naturally pill with use. Cut away by hand or use a de-pilling machine. Compress the fibers after de-pilling by ironing on low. Pilling is not a sign that your product is worn out.

hand wash tag

Hand wash only

Add wool detergent to cold water and let your product soak for about 10 minutes without working it. Rinse with clean, cold water and press the water out of the product without twisting or pulling. Lay out flat for drying.

Dinadi mittens

Resize your product

Woolen products will stretch and conform to your body with use. If your product is:
Too small – dampen and stretch carefully
Too large – hand wash and dry flat to desired measurements.

Klare Mittens Dinadi

Timeless design

We are slow fashion, not fast fashion. We aim to design products that transcend every changing trends and are timeless in order to prolong the lifetime of each piece. Our hope is that our products will become classics in your wardrobe for many years.